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  • Serge Emmanuel Jongué, Nomade-12, 1990-1991, photographie argentique + écriture / gelatin silver photography + writing, 50 x 40 cm. © Serge Emmanuel Jongué

    Serge Emmanuel Jongué, Capturing and Narrating the Unspeakable – Mona Hakim

    May 24, 2017 [originally published in CV90 in Winter 2012] — The name Serge Emmanuel Jongué (who died in 2006) was not unknown in the photographic community. In his important essay titled “The New Photographic Order,” published in 1990,1 Jongué cast a lucid eye on the issues in Quebec documentary photography in the 1970s. His reinterpretation of the official discourse attached to this photographic school has become a classic for those interested in the history and ...

  • Ho Tzu Nyen, The Cloud of Unknowing, 2011, installation with single-channel hd projection, multi-channel audio, lighting, smoke machines, and show control system / installation avec canal de projection hd, audio multi-canaux, lumière, machine à fumée, système de contrôle. © Ho Tzu Nyen

    La Biennale di Venezia 2011 – Alice Ming Wai Jim

    May 22, 2017 [originally published in CV90 in Winter 2012] — “Navinland needs YOU,” according to the s.w.a.g. (souvenirs, wearables, and gifts) cum recruitment material of Thai artist of Indian descent Navin Rawanchaikul’s latest staging of his fledgling non-nation. Set up in a bar and restaurant at the entrance to the Giardini, where the permanent national pavilions of the Venice Biennale have been since 1885, Paradiso di Navin: A Mission to Establish Navinland is a parody ...

  • Kimsooja, A Needle Woman, 2005, arrêt sur image / video still (Patan, Népal), installation vidéo couleur à 6 canaux, chacun 10 min 30 s en boucle, muet / 6-channel colour video installation, 10 min 30 s, loop, silent, avec l’aimable autorisation de / courtesy of Kimsooja Studio

    Lucidity. Inward Views. Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal – René Viau

    May 17, 2017 [originally published in CV90 in Winter 2012] — Bringing together twenty-six artists under the title Lucidity. Inward Views, the twelfth edition of Le Mois de la photo à Montréal made the theme that served as its title, if not a template for comprehension, the pivot of its articulations. Through the works in this dense, enriching event, a strongly subjective vision was proposed to viewers. For the artists, “interrogating the world goes hand in ...

  • Oscar Dumas, Two photographs taken behind the photographer’s back, #1, 2010, Beijing. © Oscar Dumas

    Les Rencontres d’Arles – Stephen Horne

    May 15, 2017 [originally published in CV90 in Winter 2012] — The fourty-second edition of Les Rencontres d’Arles adopted the challenge of exploring the image economy, as well as photography’s relationship with the World Wide Web and with social networks, within the ambit of forty-seven diverse exhibitions. “From Here On,” the centrepiece exhibition at the Rencontres, presented photography in the context of the Web, the “digital revolution,” and how they circulate images.

  • Exposition Déclic 70 à la galerie sas, trois photos de Roger Charbonneau, série Les quartiers populaires, photo : Olivier Bousquet

    Déclic 70 – Jean Lauzon

    May 10, 2017 [originally published in French in CV90 in Winter 2012] — You can read it by switching over to the French version of this page.

  • Suzy Lake, Reduced Performing: Blinking and Breathing #1, 2008, 183 x 71 cm, courtesy of University of Toronto Art Centre. © Suzy Lake

    Suzy Lake – Sholem Krishtalka

    May 8, 2017 [originally published in CV90 in Winter 2012] — In general, the art world is not kind to older women artists. Nan Goldin recently gave an interview in which she was brutally frank on the subject. She remarked that three-quarters of the art world wants her dead; her work has changed, but the market would rather have the Nan of yore: documents of seedy underbellies and demi-mondes. Now that she has the life perspective ...

  • Emmanuelle Léonard, Le polygraphe, 2011, vidéo, 13 min 25 s, photo : Emmanuelle Léonard ©

    Emmanuelle Léonard, Juste une image – Nicolas Mavrikakis

    May 3, 2017 [originally published in French in CV90 in Winter 2012] — You can read it by switching over to the French version of this page.

  • Andre Cornellier, Est de la ville, hiver, 1996, close-up of the mural composed of 1,300 photos, gelatin silver prints, 3.7 m x 18.3 m. © Andre Cornellier

    André Cornellier – Zoë Tousignant

    May 1, 2017 [originally published in CV90 in Winter 2012] — Two photographic panoramas evocative of nineteenth-century popular entertainment were on view at the McCord Museum of Canadian History. The first was a panoramic vista made by the Wm. Notman & Son studio in 1896. The larger of the two, titled The Great Mural, was created by photographer André Cornellier in 1996, exactly a century later. Both show a 360-degree bird’s-eye (or God’s-eye) view of Montreal, ...

  • Jean-Pierre Aubé, Titan et au-delà de l’infini (détail), 2007, installation vidéo, galerie [Séquence], Chicoutimi. © Jean-Pierre Aubé

    Captatio oculi – Barbara Garant

    April 26, 2017 [originally published in French in CV90 in Winter 2012] — You can read it by switching over to the French version of this page.

  • Guy Tillim, Apartment building, Avenue Bagamoyo, Beira, Mozambique, 2008, photo: Guy Tillim ©

    Guy Tillim – Jen Hutton

    April 24, 2017 [originally published in CV90 in Winter 2012] — Guy Tillim’s sizable exhibition (initially organized by the Museum of Contemporary Photo at Columbia College in Chicago) at the Design Exchange was a provocative inclusion in 2011’s Scotiabank contact Festival. The title of the exhibition evokes the spirit of Patrice Lumumba, a staunch supporter of African nationalism and the first elected prime minister of the Congo after it gained independence from Belgium in June 1960… ...