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  • Petra Mala Miller, Ike, from the series Portrait in Light, 2012-2015, c-prints, 33 × 48 cm, courtesy of the artist

    Petra Mala Miller – Stephen Horne

    November 20, 2019 [originally published in Spring 2016] — Walking into a room full of strangers can be a disconcerting experience, exposing us to questions about belonging and difference. In contrast to such an expectation, Petra Mala Miller’s exhibition Portraits in Light offers a welcoming embrace, perhaps one that recognizes our commonality as strangers.

  • Catherine Bodmer, Les paradis de Granby, 2014-2015, rencontre entre la jardinière Lise Deslauriers et l’artiste

    Catherine Bodmer – Isadora Chicoine-Marinier

    November 18, 2019 [originally published in CV103 in Spring 2016] — You can read it by switching over to the French version of this page.

  • Daido Moriyama, Dog and Mesh Tights, 2014-2015, diaporama de 291 photographies noir et blanc, 25 min, musique de Toshihiro Oshima, conception audiovisuelle : Gérard Chiron

    Daido Moriyama – Michèle Cohen Hadria 

    November 13, 2019 [originally published in CV103 in Spring 2016] — You can read it by switching over to the French version of this page.

  • Bertrand Carrière, Le capteur, Les Éditions du renard, Montréal, 2015, 200 pages, 142 photographies, édition limitée. Postfaces de Mona Hakin et d'Emmanuel d'Autreppe

    Bertrand Carrière, Le capteur – Sylvain Campeau

    November 11, 2019 [originally published in CV103 in Spring 2016] — You can read it by switching over to the French version of this page.

  • Kate Hutchinson, The Park, Les Éditions du renard, Montréal, 2015, 140 pages, ill. colour.

    Kate Hutchinson, The Park – James D. Campbell

    November 6, 2019 [originally published in Spring 2016] — Sometime in the early twenty-third century, a sealed copper box is found interred at the foot of the excavated cross on top of Montreal’s estimable Mount Royal. Once opened, archaeologists and sundry forensic experts find a fulsome sheaf of what seem to be vernacular images…

  • Gabor Szilasi. Photographies de / Photographs by Benoit Aquin

    Gabor Szilasi, A Portrait in Interiors – Alexis Desgagnés

    November 4, 2019 [originally published in Spring 2016] — Eighty-eight years old. Decorum would have us qualify this age as venerable. Anyone who divides this number into decades will better measure the span of a lifetime devoted almost entirely to photography. We know about the immense contribution of Gabor Szilasi, who was born in Budapest in 1928 and arrived in Quebec after leaving Hungary in 1956, to the history of Quebec photography…

  • Gambela Elementary School, Gambela, Welisso District, Ethiopia. Grade 1, Music, October 9th, 2009, from the series / de la série The Future Is Ours, Classroom Portraits, 2004–2015

    Julian Germain, The Future is Ours, Classroom Portraits – Johanna Mizgala, Between Portraiture and the Documentary

    October 23, 2019 [originally published in CV102 in Winter 2016] — It started off in the northeast U.K., where I am based. I had received funding at the time to photograph in six particular schools. I realized pretty soon that it would be interesting to expand to other schools in different parts of the country, in that it was a way to make a portrait of the population…

  • Alejandro Cartagena, Carpoolers, 2011-2012, courtesy of / permission de Circuit Gallery, Toronto

    Alejandro Cartagena, Carpoolers – Isa Tousignant, From the Northern to the Southern Suburbs

    October 21, 2019 [originally published in CV102 in Winter 2016] — In the storybook that is Alejandro Cartagena’s oeuvre, Carpoolers is the chapter that comes between Suburbia Mexicana and What We Fight For. The artist, who works and lives in Monterrey, Mexico, has been researching and imaging urban sprawl and its impact for the last decade in photographs that mix a luscious kind of composed beauty with deep human interest…

  • Andrew Esiebo, Lagos Overview, de la série / from the series Mutation 2015-

    Lagos, Nigeria: Capital of Photography – Érika Nimis

    October 16, 2019 [originally published in CV102 in Winter 2016] — Lagos – Eko in the Yoruba language – is a typical megalopolis. With its some twenty million inhabitants, it is the economic and cultural heart and soul of Nigeria, which is the birthplace of Wole Soyinka (Nobel Prize for literature) and Fela Kuti (the father of Afrobeat) and the home of Nollywood (the third-largest movie industry in the world)….

  • Laia Abril, Thinspiration 1, de la série / from the series Thinspiration, 2011-2013, vinyle autocollant / self-adhesive vinyl, 75 × 50 cm

    Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal 2015, What Has Become of Photography in the Era of Mobile Technologies and Social Networks?
 – Élène Tremblay

    October 15, 2019 [originally published in CV102 in Winter 2016] — Curator Joan Fontcuberta’s idea of bringing together artists who explore the post-photographic condition for Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal is especially pertinent in an era in which digital technology has challenged the status of the photographic image…