Masako Miyazaki, 木 – A tree – John K. Grande

[Spring-Summer 2018]

Masako Miyazaki, Song of Clematis, 2017, inkjet print on Washi paper, 34 × 51 cm

Masako Miyazaki, Song of Clematis, 2017, inkjet print on Washi paper, 34 × 51 cm

木 – A tree
Galerie d’Este, Montréal
November 15–December 10, 2017

By John K. Grande

Masako Miyazaki’s photography show titled A Tree complements her poetry. Some of the images were made in forests, fields, and landscapes on Montreal’s south shore, and others were made in Japan. Whether in Japan or Quebec, the landscape remains Miyazaki’s constant point of reference. Miyazaki’s latest show, manifesting her ongoing dialogue with nature, involves near-anthropomorphized images of trees in stark contrasts. In her photograph Beyond Time (2017), for instance, we see an incredible tangle, swirl, and whirl of tree roots. In her photo book The Other Side (Tokyo: Tosei sha, 2011), she comments, “Through photography, perhaps, I scoop and collect my floating self and make a connection between ‘this side’ and ‘the other side.’” In the latest images at Galerie d’Este, with their symbolic three-dimensional nature forms in space, we sense the private world that she refers to – a world of conjecture, association, and imagination. A small but strong gelatin-silver print from an earlier period, Dream (2008), builds on the textures and contrasts of a series of pods or berries on a branch. Japanese traditions – illustrations by Japan’s Ukiyo-E woodcut artists such as Hiroshige and Hokusai – surface here. Nature tells a story…

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