To advertise in the magazine

The magazine is published three times a year. The issues are more than 100 pages long, with advertising spaces in the following formats: full page, double page, half-page, and quarter-page. The magazine is also distributed in digital format in a version that includes all ads.

To advertise on our website

Ciel variable also has a content-rich website, with a space for banner ads that are visible on all pages.


For information on rates and available discounts, for technical details, or for any other question, contact us at 514 390-1193 or at

Publishing schedule
N°127 – Fall 2024

Reservation: June 5 | Graphic material: June 19 | Release date: September 27

N°128 – Winter 2025

Reservation: October 5 | Graphic material: October 18 | Release date: January 17

N°129 – Summer 2025

Reservation: March 5 | Graphic material: March 19 | Release date: May 23

Web banners

At all times

Magazine ad sizes
Full page and back cover

9.5″ x 11.5″ (24.13 x 29.21 cm); with bleed: + 0.25″ (0.635 cm)

Double page

19″ x 11.5″ (48.26 x 29.21 cm); with bleed: + 0.25″ (0.635 cm)

Half-page vertical

4.295″ x 11″ (10.90 x 27.94 cm)

Half-page horizontal

8.75″ x 5.42″ (22.225 x 13.77 cm)


4.295″ x 5.42″ (10.90 x 13.77cm)


We accept high-resolution (print-quality) PDF format. Please ensure all images are at a resolution of at least 300 dpi at full size (ideally 400 dpi) and are in CMYK (not RGB) colour mode. Please do NOT use Pantone colours. For half and quarter pages, please do NOT add a frame to your material; our graphic designer will do so if necessary. For full pages, the crop marks should be outside the bleed.

Sending your material

You can send files of 10Mb or less by email: For files over 10Mb, you can use an online file-transferring platform such as WeTransfer or contact us to have access to our ftp site.

Web banner specs

Dimensions: 180 x 180 px
Formats: jpg and animated gif (under certain conditions. Please contact us for more info)
Maximum weight: 70 kb
Provide a redirection link (url)

In-house design of your ads

We provide a design service for your ads at competitive rates.