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What do the most distant, wild, silent landscapes tell us? How do landscapes of our childhood, those that awoke us to the world, shape us? What reflec­ tions of our own future do we find in the chaos of urban sites? Landscapes are like mirrors, utterly shaped by human presence. The city is a direct extension of the social body and, similarly, all of nature is a construction of culture that becomes meaningful only through the human gaze.
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Ciel variable 116 - LANDSCAPES AS MIRRORS

Ciel variable‘s online column dedicated to documentary photography has been enriched with a new publication. Read Emmanuel Simard’s report on Sébastien Michaud’s view of the wood industry and its workers.
Sébastien Michaud

Between issues, Ciel variable keeps an eye out for what’s happening here and there – under our sky and other skies. There’s always something happening in the wild and wonderful worlds of photography, image, and other forms of expression! Here, we share some high points of what’s being created and disseminated.

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