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Recent issues

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  • Ciel variable 125 - Agglomerations

    Ciel variable 125 – Agglomerations

    Cities are born from clusters of structures that provide shelter for human life and activities. Through them flow grids of thoroughfares that form patterns of movement and exchange. That’s what an urban agglomeration is: a dense knot, large or small, placed at a certain point in a rhizomatic lattice that runs through an entire territory. It is this territory that the artists in this ...

  • Ciel variable 124 - Seeing Through Images

    Ciel variable 124 – Seeing Through Images

    These are images that disrupt, catch our attention, and thus intensify our gaze. What they show us is clear and precise, and yet there is something we can’t place, sometimes almost imperceptible, that encourages us to look more closely and ask more questions about the context of image production. So, what we are given to see has much to do with the process of ...

  • Ciel variable 123 - The Power of Intimacy

    Ciel variable 123 – The Power of Intimacy

    The intimate is where we first experiment and affirm our own identity – an existential issue that plays out essentially between self and self. At the same time, such identification can occur only in interrelation with people with whom one has strong affinities. Identity is also a relationship with the other: what we discover, who we choose; those in whom we recognize ourselves and ...

  • Ciel variable 122 - Night Rounds

    Ciel variable 122 – Night Rounds

    No matter what the adage says, all cats are not grey in the dark. Night-time brings out a throng of personalities, countless activities, and – without a shadow of a doubt – a rich colour palette. More often than not, it suits us to close our eyes to what’s happening once the light of day is extinguished. In nature, that’s when the wild animals ...

  • Ciel variable 121 - Wanderings

    Ciel variable 121 – Wanderings

    Walking in the city, travelling down country roads, discovering the country, exploring foreign capitals – in short, getting moving – we confront different perspectives, contextualize or a rm our values, and take the measure of the world we live in. Such mobility, such constant travels, are the basis for the works brought together here, which are rooted in the desire to show the underside of America, to invert the ...

  • Ciel variable 120 - Figures of Affirmation

    Ciel variable 120 – Figures of Affirmation

    Indigenous culture has long been oppressed in this country, but strong proud voices are now speaking out in public and are increasingly being heard. Here, we present three of these voices: they stand out for their use of photography as a central vehicle of their approach. Together, they offer a renewed vision of Indigenous identity, drawing on both tradition and contemporary realities and stamping a presence everywhere in the ...

  • Ciel variable 119 - AGAINST NATURE

    Ciel variable 119 – AGAINST NATURE

    The title Against Nature might seem paradoxical, as the artists brought together for this issue’s thematic section are all defenders and lovers of nature and spend a good deal of time in it. But what their works reveal is a “naturality” thoroughly permeated by human activity and entirely shaped by it, implying that its fate is entirely in our hands.

  • Ciel variable 118 - EXHIBITING PHOTOGRAPHY

    Ciel variable 118 – EXHIBITING PHOTOGRAPHY

    [Fall 2021]

    The thematic section in this issue presents three exhibitions that show how photography can contribute to shaping a critical vision of the world. The first sets out to offer an overall sense of the changes affecting global civilization. The second contrasts traditional photography with its mutant, digital, and interactive form. The third is the career of a photography critic whose vision is fed by the act of collecting.

  • Ciel variable 117 - SHIFTED

    Ciel variable 117 – SHIFTED

    [Summer 2021]

    This issue features three artists, with three aesthetic positionings, who share an ironic distancing. One, more scholarly, builds on strata of cultural history; the second, more narrative, fashions, with small strokes, a self-fiction with existential echoes; the last, more direct, affirms the subjectivity of a framing, a gaze. What is it exactly about the visible and the invisible? What wisdom do we need to live better? And what do ...

  • Ciel variable 116 - LANDSCAPES AS MIRRORS

    Ciel variable 116 – LANDSCAPES AS MIRRORS

    [Winter 2021]

    What do the most distant, wild, silent landscapes tell us? How do landscapes of our childhood, those that awoke us to the world, shape us? What reflections of our own future do we find in the chaos of urban sites? Landscapes are like mirrors, utterly shaped by human presence. The city is a direct extension of the social body and, similarly, all of nature is a construction of culture ...

  • Ciel variable 115 - THE MARCH OF THE WORLD

    Ciel variable 115 – THE MARCH OF THE WORLD

    [Summer 2020]

    The works in this special section address dimensions of human activity that have considerable significance in today’s globalized society in view of the role of technology, the use of energy resources, and respect for human rights. These complex works combine multiple voices to reflect ethical issues and their impacts on individuals and communities.

  • Ciel variable 114 - MASSES | MONUMENTS

    Ciel variable 114 – MASSES | MONUMENTS

    [Winter 2020]

    In this issue’s thematic section, we look at collective action in society. Against a background of social conflict and war, the artists evoke the impact of collective actions on the common good by re-examining and recontextualizing images plucked from the mass of media images that form our relationship with the world.