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Recent issues

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  • Ciel variable 117 - SHIFTED

    Ciel variable 117 – SHIFTED

    [Summer 2021]

    This issue features three artists, with three aesthetic positionings, who share an ironic distancing. One, more scholarly, builds on strata of cultural history; the second, more narrative, fashions, with small strokes, a self-fiction with existential echoes; the last, more direct, affirms the subjectivity of a framing, a gaze. What is it exactly about the visible and the invisible? What wisdom do we need to live better? And what do ...

  • Ciel variable 116 - LANDSCAPES AS MIRRORS

    Ciel variable 116 – LANDSCAPES AS MIRRORS

    [Winter 2021]

    What do the most distant, wild, silent landscapes tell us? How do landscapes of our childhood, those that awoke us to the world, shape us? What reflections of our own future do we find in the chaos of urban sites? Landscapes are like mirrors, utterly shaped by human presence. The city is a direct extension of the social body and, similarly, all of nature is a construction of culture ...

  • Ciel variable 115 - THE MARCH OF THE WORLD

    Ciel variable 115 – THE MARCH OF THE WORLD

    [Summer 2020]

    The works in this special section address dimensions of human activity that have considerable significance in today’s globalized society in view of the role of technology, the use of energy resources, and respect for human rights. These complex works combine multiple voices to reflect ethical issues and their impacts on individuals and communities.

  • Ciel variable 114 - MASSES | MONUMENTS

    Ciel variable 114 – MASSES | MONUMENTS

    [Winter 2020]

    In this issue’s thematic section, we look at collective action in society. Against a background of social conflict and war, the artists evoke the impact of collective actions on the common good by re-examining and recontextualizing images plucked from the mass of media images that form our relationship with the world.

  • Ciel variable 113 - TRANS-IDENTITIES

    Ciel variable 113 – TRANS-IDENTITIES

    [Fall 2019]

    The artists brought together in this issue’s thematic section explore different issues related to the boundaries of sexual identity and their transgression. Personas, transvestism, and role mutations are core to these artists’ approaches, as they address various issues fundamental to establishing a society based on inclusion rather than on narrow concepts of identities and, by extension, cultures…

  • Ciel variable 112 - COLLECTIONS REVISITED

    Ciel variable 112 – COLLECTIONS REVISITED

    [Summer 2019]

    Three recent exhibitions offer a rare look at the act of collecting. In Archipel, Serge Clément presents a collection of all the photobooks that he has made – books that can be seen as sequencings of collections of his own images. Bertrand Carrière immerses himself in the collection of the Cinémathèque québécoise, focusing on film noir, extracting paradigmatic images and exploring the plays on temporality inherent to the crossfade. ...

  • Ciel variable 111 - THE SPACE OF COLOUR

    Ciel variable 111 – THE SPACE OF COLOUR

    [Winter 2019]

    From the manipulation of light (through filtering, combination, or diffraction) to work on the supporting medium (film, photographic paper, walls) to searching out pictorial compositions on city streets, a space of exploration opens up for photography around the various manifestations of colour. The result is images that challenge our perceptions. Often, the referent for these works is abstract painting, with its long tradition of experimentation, but the real also ...

  • Ciel variable 110 – MIGRATION

    Ciel variable 110 – MIGRATION

    [Fall 2018]

    More than thresholds, borders have become a kind of non-place – extra-national zones – where migrants’ identities and statuses are examined and their statuses held in suspension for periods that are increasingly long and undetermined. In this issue, we examine certain aspects of the crossing of borders with works that explore how migrants are received and integrated, and the identity-related questions raised by such territorial movements.

  • Ciel variable 109 - REVISIT

    Ciel variable 109 – REVISIT

    [Spring-Summer 2018]

    The works brought together in this issue look back at significant phenomena and events in recent history to bring them back to memory and assess their current relevance. These are prolific works, with multiple iterations, that take forms as complex as their subjects: an entire field of artistic practices, pioneering works and pivotal moments, and the multiplication of cultural artefacts that are subject to intense ideological manipulations.