Submit an article proposal or your work

We always accept proposals for contributions to the magazine and information about your works and projects.


. simply convey your interest to us and tell us what you want to write about (exhibitions, publications, events, works, collections, institutional practices, issues in photographic or image-based practices).
. for longer articles, a short synopsis is a good idea, although we will also consider completed articles.
. when you are submitting for the first time, it is useful for us to have an idea of your recent contributions.
. we are also interested in submissions for shorter articles for our website.
. the word counts for articles are generally the following: reviews of solo or group exhibitions, 750–1,000 words; publication reviews, 750–1,200 words; essays, preferably not monographic, 1,500 to 2,000 words.
. we always commission texts for the portfolios and interviews, but we welcome your suggestions.
. dates for submitting completed articles are generally one month after the date they are commissioned, unless a different date is negotiated (shorter deadline, for insertion in an issue currently in production, or longer, due to the scope of work required or your commitments).
. we do not announce our thematic sections in advance, but we are always interested in articles that continue reflection on subjects addressed in our preceding special sections.


. keep us informed of your recent production (works, exhibitions, publications, and so on) and your projects underway.
. we particularly appreciate hearing about your projects before they are made public.

Institutions and curators

. we also appreciate hearing about exhibition and publication projects when they are in the planning and development stages so that we can better plan their coverage and perhaps envisage eventual partnerships.


. send your submissions by email to Jacques Doyon, editor-in-chief and director, at doyonj [at], or by mail to the address at the bottom of this page.