Yan Giguère, Suite cinétique — Stéphanie Hornstein

[Hiver 2020]

Galerie La Castiglione
May 15–June 15, 2019

Par Stéphanie Hornstein

The day that I first make it to Yan Giguère’s solo show at Galerie La Castiglione, Montreal’s construction season is in full swing. St. Catherine Street is a gaping trench and the jackhammer’s thrum hounds me all the way up four flights of stairs. But inside the gallery, where Giguère’s photographic groupings constellate across the walls, the tranquil composure of another world greets me. A large frieze of swaying grass pulls and holds my attention. True to their landscape subject, the twenty-four pictures that make up Les herbes were taken horizontally, but they are displayed flipped on their sides, recalling the planks of a wooden fence. Installed across a corner of the room, the work wraps me in a kind of pleasant hypnosis, banishing all memories of unsightly orange cones from my consciousness. Sightlines converge. The grainy texture of the prints adds something of a reverie to the experience, and I soon find myself lulled by the stilled movement of the blades of grass that appear like so many brushstrokes against a hazy sky…

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