La fête : The People Came to Party — Dayna McLeod

[Fall 2021]

Jean-François Prost
Publication collaborative
Québec, Éditions VU, 2021, 160 pages, français, anglais et portugais

By Dayna McLeod

If you’ve missed in­-real­-life parties, being with people, and exhibitions during the pandemic, La Fête is a feast for the heart, head, and soul. The socially distanced isolation of the pandemic brings a chance to engage with, appreciate, and absorb this monograph as a self­-contained exhibition. Ripe with the sensual, the chaotic, the quiet, and the festive, the volume features representations of people and places we’ve missed, missed out on, or have never encountered but feel some sort of nostalgia for and connection to.

Some of the photographs also feature audio clips easily accessed via the free app Artivive, from which readers can point their smartphones at a page marked with a ◊ symbol. Using this accessible technology, we are brought into some images surrounded by sound. With La Fête, we hold in our hands a gateway to feelings captured in photographs thoughtfully curated into an experience that is heightened by our shared pandemic past and present…


See the magazine for the complete article and more images: Ciel variable 118 – EXHIBITING PHOTOGRAPHY