Manon Labrecque, des [ré] animations — Sylvain Campeau

[Winter 2023]

Sylvain Campeau

Maison des arts de Laval
01.05.2022 — 03.07.2022


For some ten years, as foretold in her previous works, Manon Labrecque has been producing unique visual and animation devices, including ones in which the images apparently move, forming an utterly original cinégénie (a wonderful term coined by Dominique Païni). She did this in 2012, at Centre Vu in Quebec City, during the Manif d’art, with Les antigravitationnels, then at Expression in Saint-Hyacinthe in 2016, with L’Origine d’un mouvement. On both of these occasions, the machines she created contained fairly obvious components of known mechanisms and referred quite clearly to the movement of photograms, the tiny images that make up strips of film, and overhead projectors, which were found in partial or complete versions in her works…

[ Complete issue, in print and digital version, available here: Ciel variable 122 – NIGHT ROUNDS ]
[ Complete article, in digital version, available here: Manon Labrecque, des [ré] animations — Sylvain Campeau ]