Michael Snow, The Artist’s Maman Book — Jean Gagnon

[Winter 2023]

Michael Snow, The Artist’s Maman Book
By Jean Gagnon


At age ninety-four, Michael Snow has published My Mother’s Collection of Photographs,1 which he called his “maman book” during its production. As the title does not indicate, the photographs in question were not taken by an artist but are typical family pictures, a number of which were previously published in the catalogue Michael Snow: A Survey.2 This book contains many more family pictures than did the catalogue and lends itself to much rambling: readers can oat contemplatively from page to page or look at individual images attentively in order to decipher historical documents. It is in memory of Snow’s mother, Marie-Antoinette Levesque – Toni to her friends, born in Chicoutimi in 1904 – and pays tribute to her in a compendium of photographs taken from the family albums that she amassed, conserved, and annotated throughout her long life, until her death in 2004…

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