Angela Grauerholz, The Empty S(h)elf – Gabrielle Sarthou

[Summer 2023]

Gabrielle Sarthou

Occurrence, Montréal
4.11.2022 — 17.12.2022


Despite its title, this second iteration of Angela Grauerholz’s installation The Empty S(h)elf, presented at Galerie Occurrence in Montréal, is not at all empty: it is polymorphous and dense, at the intersection between language and image, words and thoughts. We discover it fortuitously, as we discover a book that has been read and annotated on a shelf in a library; it’s as if we’ve found an essay in the process of being written. The research that takes place beforehand becomes the object of interest, the purpose, and it is deployed in all its splendour. The appearance of incompleteness forms the scaffolding for future reflections. This exhibition by Grauerholz, an artist-photographer, professor at UQAM, and co-founder of Artexte, is the visual translation of her research into Franz Kafka’s story “A Report to an Academy.”…

[ Complete issue, in print and digital version, available here: Ciel variable 123 – THE POWER OF INTIMACY ]
[ Complete article, in digital version, available here: Angela Grauerholz, The Empty S(h)elf – Gabrielle Sarthou ]