Alain Paiement, Cosmic Blues — Sylvain Campeau

[Fall 2023]

By Sylvain Campeau


Galerie Hugues Charbonneau Montréal
15.03.2023 — 23.04.2023

Theodor Adorno wondered whether it was still possible to write poetry after the horrors of Auschwitz. The same question can no doubt be asked today, of the entire field of art, as we wait uneasily to find out how climate change will affect our lives. Alain Paiement answers with Cosmic Blues. Varying the scale of the images that he captures from macroscopic to overall view, he seeks a melancholic beauty in what still exists and might disappear.

Paiement’s response consists of sublimating what exists – of celebrating it through transformations that help us to see human creativity and its possibilities in other, still active ways, by interacting with what is here now and is awesome in its splendour. This mandate is brilliantly fulfilled here…

[ Complete issue, in print and digital version, available here: Ciel variable 124 – SEEING THROUGH IMAGES ]
[ Complete article, in digital version, available here: Alain Paiement, Cosmic Blues — Sylvain Campeau ]