Dolores Baswick, The Transitional Place – Pierre Blache

[Fall 1997]

by Pierre Blache

Dolores Baswick has been working as a commercial photographer for almost twenty years. She studied at Sheridan College of Applied Arts and Technology, in Oakville, Ontario, from 1976 to 1978, which enabled her to find work in corporate and advertising photography.

In 1991, she registered at the Emily Carr College of Art and Design, in Vancouver, to move her photography into more artistic pursuits. Since 1995, she has been studying for a master’s degree in fine arts (major in photography) at Concordia University, Montreal. From an interest in sexual identity, she has moved to explorations of landscape as transitional site on which she registers excerpts of her personal history. Her photographs are metaphors tracing her route through various Canadian communities and the process of identification associated with these voyages.