Guest editor: Suzanne Paquet

With essays by
Suzanne Paquet, Élène Tremblay, Christelle Proulx, Daniel Fiset, Christine Ross, Janine Marchessault
and works by
Dominic Gagnon, Jon Rafman, Karen Elaine Spencer, Janet Cardiff et George Bures Miller
and the exhibition
Land/Slide: Possible Futures

Even though, in the view of many authors, it seems that we are now living only in the moment, various temporalities in fact intermingle with and are mirrored in each other, thanks to images and how they are conveyed. At the same time, there are obvious interpenetrations between private domain and public exhibition, between amateur and professional productions – no doubt indicative of a change in artistic or cultural attitudes.

All of the practices’– and types of relationships with the image – presented in this section are linked by an undeniable participatory character, reinforced by an author’s position that is apparently more inconclusive or undefined than ever. Out of all these cross-fertilizations, which are augmented by their intermingling, two issues should emerge that are both symmetrical and quite current: that of the nature of art being made today, and that of the possible opening of common spheres in a broadened public domain in which the incessant propagation of images allows us to grasp the reasons for production of the contemporary space.

Thanks to Julia Roberge van der Donkt

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