Portrait Gallery

Three approaches to the portrait sustained by pictorial references and knowledge manifested in chiaroscuro, framings and poses, texture and draping of fabrics, head positions, and, above all, the gazes. And techniques that ennoble their subjects.

Strong presences with imposing gazes, and yet revealed with a sort of humility. Pierre Gonnord approached anonymous people with such sensitivity that they were able to lose their inhibitions before a stranger. A way of creating portraits of people whose faces bear the marks of time and their life conditions, ennobling their existence.
with an essay by Pierre Rannou

1503 | Dame di cartone
Here, the subjects are effaced behind the models; we are in the field of garments and fashion. Christian Tagliavini’s portraits inventively restage the aesthetics, tastes, and codes of sociability of a past era. With their subtle variations in texture, cut, and colour, they offer a range of possibilities for individual distinction and a sense of social belonging.
with an essay by Johanna Mizgala

The Way of the Willows
With a portable photography studio, Gabriel Coutu-Dumont took pictures on the street of one evening’s night owls to offer an overall portrait that transfigures his subjects. Composed of eighty-five individual portraits on a black background, this gallery highlights the diverse styles and attitudes of these young and less-young people, while rendering the particular brilliance that individualizes each one.
with an essay by Claire Moeder

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