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Recent issues

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  • Ciel variable 112 / Cover

    Ciel variable 112 – COLLECTIONS REVISITED

    Three recent exhibitions offer a rare look at the act of collecting. In Archipel, Serge Clément presents a collection of all the photobooks that he has made – books that can be seen as sequencings of collections of his own images. Bertrand Carrière immerses himself in the collection of the Cinémathèque québécoise, focusing on film noir, extracting paradigmatic images and exploring the plays on temporality inherent to the crossfade. ...

  • Ciel variable 111 - THE SPACE OF COLOUR

    Ciel variable 111 – THE SPACE OF COLOUR

    [Winter 2019]

    From the manipulation of light (through filtering, combination, or diffraction) to work on the supporting medium (film, photographic paper, walls) to searching out pictorial compositions on city streets, a space of exploration opens up for photography around the various manifestations of colour. The result is images that challenge our perceptions. Often, the referent for these works is abstract painting, with its long tradition of experimentation, but the real also ...

  • Ciel variable 110 – MIGRATION

    [Fall 2018]

    More than thresholds, borders have become a kind of non-place – extra-national zones – where migrants’ identities and statuses are examined and their statuses held in suspension for periods that are increasingly long and undetermined. In this issue, we examine certain aspects of the crossing of borders with works that explore how migrants are received and integrated, and the identity-related questions raised by such territorial movements.

  • Ciel variable 109 - REVISITER

    Ciel variable 109 – REVISIT

    [Spring-Summer 2018]

    The works brought together in this issue look back at significant phenomena and events in recent history to bring them back to memory and assess their current relevance. These are prolific works, with multiple iterations, that take forms as complex as their subjects: an entire field of artistic practices, pioneering works and pivotal moments, and the multiplication of cultural artefacts that are subject to intense ideological manipulations.

  • Ciel variable 108 - SORTIE PUBLIQUE

    Ciel variable 108 – Going Public

    [Winter 2018]

    This issue’s thematic section shows works that come from a wide variety of places and times, but all are marked by the notion of public visibility. These three bodies of work cover a wide spectrum of what defines the public space for artistic expression, ranging from the societal and cultural context that circumscribes what can be said, to the more specialized professional and worldly network that hosts and nourishes ...

  • Ciel variable 107 - RUINES

    Ciel variable 107 – RUINS

    [Fall 2017]

    The artists whose works are brought together here under the theme of ruins are interested in capturing the traces of a disappearing world, a world in which the evolution of the photographic image is symptomatic of a more fundamental transformation of culture and social values as a whole.

  • Ciel variable 106 - TREES, ICE, AND CLOUDS

    Ciel variable 106 – TREES, ICE, AND CLOUDS

    [Spring-Summer 2017]

    At first glance, the works presented here might seem to be simply about work on a motif. A more attentive look, however, shows that what is indicated here, in this focus on trees, or icebergs, or clouds, is the shaping of natural elements by human action on a landscape that has become an environment.

  • Ciel variable 105 – MONTREALITIES

    Ciel variable 105 – MONTREALITIES

    [Winter 2017]

    Over the years, many photographers have explored Montreal and its neighbourhoods. Their images have captured portraits of residents, the colour and composition of the streets and commercial arteries, and the mixture of cultures that contribute to the quality and diversity of a city, as well as the commitment of residents who create the fabric of communities and sometimes generate resistance to changes that create upheavals in their living environment.

  • Ciel variable 104 - FROM ANOTHER ANGLE

    Ciel variable 104 – FROM ANOTHER ANGLE

    [Fall 2016]

    With great sensitivity and remarkable image quality, the works brought together in this section offer a renewed gaze at discredited realities and experiences. They do this by showing us people in their living environments. And yet, it is not individuals that these works offer as much as a certain order of representation, certain priorities, a certain way of seeing things that encourages us to re­evaluate them.

  • Ciel variable 103 - NATURE

    Ciel variable 103 – NATURE

    [Spring-Summer 2016]

    There are places where nature’s presence is more intensely felt, where the question of the city’s interrelations with its natural environment emerges more spontaneously. Certain circumstances are also conducive to raising such reflections – among them, sense of unfamiliarity experienced during a stay abroad, obvious deterioration in the equilibrium or beauty of a place, and pressure exerted for appropriation of a public site for private purposes.

  • Ciel variable 102 - FAR AWAY, SO CLOSE

    Ciel variable 102 – FAR AWAY, SO CLOSE

    [Winter 2016]

    Globalization is making us more aware of the realities of the entire planet through news, visits, and business travel. In addition, urbanization and consumer markets are tending to bring cultures and lifestyles ever closer to each other. Even so, and fortunately, diversity and differences remain. What is more, the most radical forms of alterity are found not only outside of our societies but tend to merge with them, and ...