Artworks created as part of the fund-raising campaigns

The Artgeist series proposed collectors to support the magazine by acquiring an original work created specifically for them. Rather than simply acquiring an already existing artwork, our project offered the unique experience of meeting with an artist of their choice in order to discuss their respective aesthetic motivations and thus to define the parameters of the work to be produced.

These direct encounters between artists and collectors – rather rare occasions – resulted in a series of surprising new artworks that you will be able to discover here, presented with comments from both collectors and artists.

  • Angela Grauerholz, Deux dames de Venise - for Jack Lazare
  • Pascal Grandmaison, Action 2 - for Jack Lazare
  • Éliane Excoffier, Un, deux, trois (vers le nord) - for Joanie Lapalme
  • Benoit Aquin, Nathalie à l’orée des champs - for Nathalie Goyette et Philippe Lamarre
  • Marisa Portolese, Sophia - for Annie Boisvert and Benoît Lacoste Bienvenue


This second campaign was focused around the theme of the portrait : a self-portrait, or a portrait of loved ones, or even a portrait of someone with an important symbolic value.

Angela Grauerholz and Pascal Grandmaison came into play for collector Jack Lazare by each proposing a close-up portrait of women, Deux dames de Venise and Action 2, that was situated more in the realm of the emblematic than the personal. The encounter between Éliane Excoffier and Joanie Lapalme resulted in an evocative portrait: a shot of Joanie taken from the back in a field, on which a close-up of a face was superimposed. Philippe Lamarre and Nathalie Goyette chose, with Benoît Aquin, to highlight Nathalie, but in relative darkness, at a distance, and as if encased in a tangle of trees and branches. For Annie Boisvert and Benoît Lacoste Bienvenue, Marisa Portolese produced a studio portrait of their daughter Sophia, somewhat in Notmanesque style, before a painted landscape and an immense bouquet of flowers.

  • Chuck Samuels and Gabor Szilasi, DANS L’ŒIL DE L’AUTRE - for Alexandre Taillefer and Debbie Zakaib
  • Chuck Samuels and Gabor Szilasi, DANS L’ŒIL DE L’AUTRE - for Alexandre Taillefer and Debbie Zakaib
  • Alain Paiement, DÉTAILS OBLIQUES - for François R. Roy
  • Angela Grauerholz, DEUX PRISES - for Charles Lapointe
  • Luc Courchesne, L’INVENTION DE L’HORIZON - for Phyllis Lambert
  • Evergon, SPIRIT IN ALL PLACES - for Thomas Marcantonio


The goal of this project was to create original artworks that would convey the spirit of places chosen by the participating collectors. An unexpected, amusing image of a place that is otherwise banal, a fragmented view of a domestic environment saturated with artworks, plays on reflection within a camera in counterpoint with a simulated self-portrait, photographic transposition of the first representation of the modern horizon, and finally, an impromptu full-length portrait taken in the studio – these are some of the visions of the spirit of a place that resulted.

Chuck Samuels, Gabor Szilasi, Alain Paiement, Angela Grauerholz, Luc Courchesne, and Evergon are the artists that agreed to be part of this exercise. Alexandre Taillefer, Debbie Zakaib, François R. Roy, Charles Lapointe, Phyllis Lambert and Thomas Marcantonio are the collectors who contributed to the campaign by acquiring the resulting artworks.


We are infinitely grateful to these artists and collectors who agreed to support the magazine by engaging in the process of encounters and creation. Our sincere thanks also go to the gallery owners who represent these artists and to our partner, ENCADREX, which generously framed the works.