Digital Microgrants

[May 12, 2020]

No more galleries, theatres, movies, bookstores … for now, anyway. Digital platforms are no longer just one alternative; they are the only means of dissemination. Artists, however, have not been left entirely to their own devices (so to speak). To stimulate creativity and support the shift to the immaterial, the Canada Council for the Arts will soon be offering $5,000 microgrants. Designed in partnership with the CBC/Radio-Canada, the Digital Originals program will also host the projects selected on a website. The Canada Council will accept applications until June 15, or until the $1 million allocated to the project is exhausted. Among the assessment criteria are “potential of the project to develop, extend or innovate” the artist’s practice and “potential of the project to reach your target audience.” Both new works and adaptations of existing works will be considered.


Digital Originals