From the studio to the cosmos

[September 7, 2021]

A period of staying home, barely leaving the cocoon, can be a fertile time. At least, experienced photographer Denis Farley seems to have taken full advantage. He talks about it in an interview on the platform Ffoto, after more than a year of COVID-19 restrictions. “I hadn’t much choice but to concentrate on studio work,” he explains. “That was an opportunity for introspection and to look back at earlier work.”

From this earlier work, along with objects that had sat on shelves for thirty years – “parts of installations, apparatuses, terrestrial globes, scientific and optical objects, etc.” – arose the series Cosmologies and R & D. Inspired by portrayals of the universe, the grouping offers “pseudo-scientific imagery that will hopefully prompt the viewer to fill in the gaps and imagine his/her own fantasy experiment/world.”

Denis Farley, Cosmologies no. 10, 2021