Regards critiques et nouvelle photographie — James D. Campbell

[Winter 2019]

Maison de la culture Claude-Léveillée, Montreal
May 30–August 26, 2018

Par James D. Campbell

The world has become self-referring. You know this. This thing has seeped into the texture of the world. The world for thousands of years was our escape, was our refuge. Men hid from themselves in the world. We hid from God or death. The world was where we lived, the self was where we went mad and died. But now the world has made a self of its own.
— Don DeLillo, The Names

This compelling exhibition of the works of Isabelle Hayeur, Thomas Kneubühler, Jean-François Lemire, Valerian Mazataud, and Andreas Rutkauskas was notable for the trenchant criticality of its thematic engagement with sundry social and environmental issues. Incisively curated by Jean de Julio-Paquin, these several optics dilated on sites in supreme peril at the hands of governmental intervention and systemic upheaval. Where jeopardy and mayhem are visually dramatized, as in the work of Lemire and Mazataud, the result is harrowing and electric. Where their consequences are depicted, as in the work of Hayeur, Kneubuhler, and Rutkauskas, they are always strongly implied and pungently assessed. A documentary aesthetic unites all the works and calls into question the motives and machinations of those staging an ongoing assault on natural and social environments…

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