Thomas Kneubühler, Absence | Landing Sites — Patrick Brian Smith

[Summer 2019]

Thomas Kneubühler, Landing Site (East), c­-print, 2018, 122 × 162 cm

Thomas Kneubühler, Landing Site (East), c­-print, 2018, 122 × 162 cm

Patrick Mikhail Gallery
November 10, 2018–January 19, 2019

Landing Sites
November 15, 2018–January 26, 2019

By Patrick Brian Smith

Thomas Kneubühler has always been concerned with developing new ways of visualizing – and critiquing – power formations and their related infrastructures in the late-capitalist, globalized world. From Private Property (2006), in which he aimed to expose the “unseen presence of those who watch,” to Land Claim (2014–15), in which he mapped the global interconnections among resource-extraction multinationals and their concomitant exploitation of First Nations communities in Canada, Kneubühler has been interested in making forms of capitalist and sovereign exploitation, and the technological, logistical, and industrial apparatuses that support them, visible. These are practices and infrastructures that have largely been strategically hidden from sight. Kneubühler’s two most recent exhibitions, Absence and Landing Sites – both presented in Montreal in 2018, the former at Patrick Mikhail Gallery and the latter at Dazibao – build on these preoccupations; in both, however, there is also a focus on the intimate, micro impacts of such large-scale networks and infrastructures…
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