Isabelle Hayeur, (D)énoncer — Jean De Julio-Paquin

[Summer 2021]


Plein sud, centre d’exposition en art actuel, Longueuil
12.09.2020 — 27.02.2021

Salle Alfred-Pellan de la Maison des arts de Laval
13.09.2020 — 7.03.2021

Galerie d’art Antoine-Sirois de l’Université de Sherbrooke
28.10.2020 — 13.03.2021

By Jean De Julio-Paquin

To begin with, the triple exhibition of work by multidisciplinary artist Isabelle Hayeur, (D)énoncer, was one of the high points of the autumn 2020 visual arts season. It was, of course, a season thrown off-kilter by the pandemic, marked by lockdowns that directly hit the arts and culture sector. The announcement that museums and exhibition venues would reopen, received with relief, also made it possible to extend the three exhibitions.

An ambitious project, (D)énoncer features more than seventy large-format photographs and six videos, as well as an interactive digital platform and an imposing monograph. To define the extent of Hayeur’s work, the curator, Mona Hakim, drew on her iconography to assign a distinct theme to each venue. The three themes – water, territory, and social engagement – bring together a body of work as a function of particular environmental issues. Through all of the themes, one constant remains: bearing witness to the degradation of ecosystems and its repercussions on the social fabric, and on us….


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