Nicolas Baier, Procession — Edward Pérez-González

[Fall 2022]

By Edward Pérez-González

Manif d’art 10, Québec
19.02.2022 — 24.04.2022

A zoom in on a dense and intensely green forest. A slow, continuous move- ment suggests an infinitely dilated time and produces a growing tension as details are highlighted. A slight wind brings the forest out of its lethargy, making leaves and branches undulate gently. A rustling sound mixes with the constant noise of machines, metallic sounds resembling the chirping of birds. The audio mix extends into a second image, that of an industrial storage building that contains a myriad of sturdy computer servers placed in two parallel rows, creating a corridor between them. A vanishing point, toward which the slow forward travelling moves, makes the corridor, lit in dim blue tones, seem in infinitely long. The frenetic activity of the servers, underlined by the presence of many little lights, testifies to the machine’s voracious calculations. A tangle of wires linking the servers together suddenly invades the corridor…

Edward Pérez-González has a doctorate in architecture based on a postmodern conception of museums and, more specically, on Deleuzian philosophy. He is a critic and exhibition curator. He is a member of the curator laboratory in the Leopoldo Gotuzzo Art Museum, associated with the Universidade Federal de Pelotas, in Brazil, where he is a guest researcher. He researches contemporary painting, architectural theory, and exhibition curating. He lives in Montreal, where he works as an architect.

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