Evergon, Theatres of the Intimate — Nathalie Côté, The Liberated Gaze

[Summer 2023]

The Liberated Gaze
By Nathalie Côté


The retrospective dedicated to the artist Evergon by the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec1 provided an overview of his contribution to photography over fifty years of creation and more than two hundred images. His virtuosity is fascinating, and the issues that he has addressed over the years are still very current.

At the museum, the way the exhibition was laid out attenuated the sometimes-provocative aspect of the works. Arches were cut into the walls between the galleries, giving an idea of the works’ intimate nature. For example, a transparent curtain and a warning to visitors under sixteen years of age signalled the presence of explicitly erotic works. All of this, no doubt, was aimed at facilitating contact with Evergon’s work, which may be shocking but has an overall liberating effect…

[ Complete issue, in print and digital version, available here: Ciel variable 123 – THE POWER OF INTIMACY ]