Money can’t buy happiness

[Summer 1995]

by Robert Legendre

Money can’t buy happiness: it allows one to suffer comfortably!1

CVphoto began its bilingual venture as of issue 24. Initially, we published translated summaries of our French and English articles, then we became more ambitious and opted for complete translations. Although satisfying, the enterprise proved to be costly.

With the exception of a meagre subsidy from the Canadian Secretary of State, we proceeded with our translations in the absence of any financial aid. That Quebec chose not to support our efforts at bilingualism is perhaps understandable, at least to some extent, but that Ottawa not deem it necessary to contribute substantially to a cause of this nature run on… Apparently, knowing that Rockies belong to us too should suffice!

A lack of funds! That and only that is what motivated the few modifications you will notice in this thirty-first issue of CVphoto. Aside from the editorial, the columns, and the biographical data on artists, the texts are no longer translated in their entirety. However, to the best of our abilities, we will try to publish original articles in both French and English for each of our portfolios.

The ever so modern and dynamic concept of cultural industry that has been “afflicting” the field of arts and culture for quite some time now has recently taken on a new slant. The new hype is the MBA Syndrome, or how to apply the model of Mr. Christie’s Oreo cookies to the marketing of a contemporary art work or magazine, or to selling seats for an experimental show. The method works remarkably well as long as it doesn’t stray from the so-called mainstream.

So please, don’t borrow this copy from your neighbour. Refrain from reading CVphoto standing up, uncomfortably, precisely in the spot where you could walk away with your own copy. It would be much simpler to purchase the magazine, or better yet, to subscribe to it! Go ahead! It’s the easiest solution, an affordable one at that. On page 33, you will find all the necessary information to finalize a decision that you will never regret.

1 Jack Benny, The Ed Sullivan Show, a Sunday evening in the late 1950s.