Linea di Confine : William Guerrieri, Sergio Buffini, Marco Signorini, Paola di Bello, Guido Guidi – Michèle Cohen Hadria, Le lointain est ici

[Winter 2003]

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The Linea de Confine movement in Emilie Romagne (northern Italy), both conceptual and empirical in its relationship with the territory, follows the lineage of Italian photography of the 1970s – with the work of Luigi Ghirri, Franco Vaccari, Ugo Mulas, and others who tried, in their time, to inventory both a highly symptomatic post-industrial landscape, and merchandise, as well as the minimalist materiality of photography. In their wake, the new generation practises a sort of anthropology of the “here” that resonates with a globalization, which it interiorizes on the “local” level, the only yardstick possible of proximity to human beings and to history.