[Fall 2011]

Being attentive to the environments that one passes through. all these passageways, these enigmatic and inhospitable spaces, all those buildings that one sees on urban access roads, sometimes abandoned, that compose a purely functional environment. This, compared to the old city, to sites shaped by time, proximity, a different pace of life …

Lynne cohen’s recent images are more refined than ever. The close-up photographs allow the incongruity of these entrance halls, waiting rooms, show rooms, and laboratory rooms to show through even more minimally. This is why these images revealing inhospitable and enigmatic places speak to us so strongly.

Ewa Monika Zebrowski
of time, lost
For Ewa Monika Zebrowski, Venice provides the décor for a time and place that belong to the past. here the blurred images convey a certain relationship with memory that is being erased, a nostalgia for a way of life in places in which light, ambience, and objects belong to a different relationship with the city more inward, close, inhabited.

À contretemps
With this series of very-large-format colour images, Sylvie Readman continues her exploration of the perception of territories on the urban fringe. her wide-angle panning shots show what daily commutes to downtown reveal in a modernist and functional landscape that people want to erase from their minds.

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