Our world

From Alberta to Azerbaijan, from Resolute Bay to Mumbai, and from Oran to Johannesburg,this issue reveals images of an industrious, prosperous world that includes numerous dysfunctions and aberrations. With aesthetic strategies combining the documentary and the sublime, a multitude of perspectives, narrations, and installations, the image sometimes retreats to the background.

A digest of more than ten years of systematic gathering of images recording the different phases of processing, transportation, and consumption of the black fluid that feeds a constantly expanding world. An aesthetic, marked by entropy, that combines documentary and a new take on the sublime.
with an essay by Sylvain Campeau

For three short weeks, eleven photographers and two journalists, all from France, went to Mumbai to try to sketch out, through meet- ings with local intellectuals, a multifaceted and subjective portrait of a society in the process of transformation. A unique collective approach that updates the practice of photojournalism by multiplying viewpoints and aesthetics.
with an essay by Bruno Chalifour

Resolute Bay – Voyage du jour dans la nuit
An art project deployed in multiple stages and various places, portraying a little-known world. A blind spot far north of our urban reality: a village founded on a population displacement, and living conditions that make the headlines. An artwork based on encounter and strengthening through images.
with an essay by Sonia Pelletier

Le dernier été de la raison
An investigation of the role and impact of press photographs in the context of the “black decade” in Algeria. In an almost total absence of images.
with an essay by Pierre Rannou

Le printemps de la photographie sud-africaine
An introduction to the emergence and proliferation of art-photography practices in South Africa during and after apartheid.
with an essay by Érika Nimis

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