The Videoconference as a Work (of Art)

[June 3, 2020]

New-media artist Daniel Iregui was to have had an exhibition in May at a Montreal public space. The cancelled project did not give rise to a virtual exhibition. However, it led to a new creation that explicitly shows what is different between real gatherings and their current manifestation, videoconferences: a new awareness of our ownimage. Created in quarantine, upon invitation of the Maison de la culture Ahuntsic, the interactive web work Antibodies experienced at any time and withoutany obligations (aside from having to turn on your camera). In fact, those who join in undertake the usual two-step videoconferenceprocess: first seeing themselves on the screen, then introducing themselves into the shared space. Except in this case, facial movements are followed, recorded, and masked invarious ways.


Daniel Iregui, Antibodies, 2020