[Summer 2021]

This issue features three artists, with three aesthetic positionings, who share an ironic distancing. One, more scholarly, builds on strata of cultural history; the second, more narrative, fashions, with small strokes, a self-fiction with existential echoes; the last, more direct, affirms the subjectivity of a framing, a gaze. What is it exactly about the visible and the invisible? What wisdom do we need to live better? And what do all these little things that are derailed say about the state of the world?

Nouvelles Performances invisibles
Steve Giasson a réalisé au cours des dernières année plus de 230 performances « invisibles » soigneusement photographiées pour être ensuite diffusées en ligne et sur les réseaux sociaux. Sa pratique en est une d’érudition. Elle repose sur une sorte d’arpentage du territoire des pratiques performatives afin de retracer les apports conceptuels des prédécesseurs (pensées, scénarios, gestes) et de les réincarner, afin d’y inscrire sa propre figure d’artiste. Son art est éminemment corporel, conceptuel et communicationnel.
With an essay by Didier Morelli

Vincent Lafrance has created a web mini-series around the figure of an artist who finds himself in the country, in mid-winter, after his father’s death. The story, built in fragmentary layers, evokes his isolation and the difficulties he encounters. This leads him to question his relationships with work and with other people, and to a search for wisdom that would provide a basis for his existential connection with the world.
With an essay by Zoë Tousignant

En l’état
Franck Gérard is a street photographer. Since 1999, drawn to what surprises and troubles the smooth surface of things, he has accumulated thousands of images. In scenes of daily life, he finds what is just slightly altered, revealing a sort of poetic underside of the world – things that are unexpected, incongruous. All these things belong to a gaze with an attention to detail, a skill at uncovering what is wavering, startling, compelling.
With excerpts from the diary of Franck Gérard with an essay by Jacques Leenhardt


See the magazine for the complete article and more images: Ciel variable 117 – SHIFTED