Jin-Me Yoon, Touring Home From Away – Shauna McCabe, Fissures

[Fall 2001]

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A product of Yoon’s continuing engagement with landscapes characterized by “condensed” meanings and connotations, this project places representations of the tourist destination of Prince Edward Island and its associations of “home” and universal “homeland” within an international, post-colonial context. A Vancouver-based artist of Korean background, Yoon intervenes in images of landscape, employing the tourism aesthetic itself to take apart this representation and make visible its veneers. As she manipulates myths of “Islandness” to reveal their exclusions, in the space that appears between surface and reality she also reveals the potential remaking of memories, traditions, and cultural identities for a diversity of social subjects.

Jin-me Yoon has exhibited her photographic and video installations nationally and internationally. For the past decade, her work has focused on the structures of identity within specific historical and social conditions. Born in Seoul, Korea, Jin-me Yoon lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, and teaches at Simon Fraser University’s School for the Contemporary Arts.