Le livre photographique: ses formes, ses raisons, ses enjeux

[August 27, 2022]

Round table discussion presented by Ciel Variable at the 2022 Papier Art Fair. The discussion was held in French.
Start at 3:40

In the pages of its magazine as well as on its website, Ciel variable pays a lot of attention to books dedicated to photography and particularly to photobooks. But what distinguishes a photobook from other books about photography? The panelists answer this question by discussing the relevance of these publications in a world where print has not said its last word.

Animation : Jérôme Delgado, editorial coordinator, Ciel Variable
Panélistes : Michel Hardy-Vallée, researcher; Louis Perreault, photographer and editor; Zoë Tousignant, Photography conservator, Musée McCord