Carlos Ferrand Zavala — Alexis Desgagnés

[Winter 2022]

SBC, galerie d’art contemporain, Montréal
4.09.2021 — 23.10.2021

By Alexis Desgagnés

Peruvian-born Montreal artist Carlos Ferrand Zavala, recipient of the Bourse de carrière Michel-Brault from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec in 2015, is known mainly as a director, screenwriter, and cinematographer. Among his latest films are 13, un ludo-drame sur Walter Benjamin (2017), a highly personal documentary exploring the thought of the German philosopher. More recently, in Jongué, carnet nomade (2019), Ferrand immersed himself in the work of photographer and author Serge Emmanuel Jongué (died 2006) with a portrait addressing the themes of identity, otherness, and mixed blood shared by both creators. The exhibition Resistencia. Perú, 1970–1975 revisits a body of photographs and films produced by Ferrand early in his career, when he returned to Peru after a stay at the Institut national supérieur des arts du spectacle et des techniques de diffusion in Brussels.1(…)
Translated by Käthe Roth.

1 Carlos Ferrand Zavala’s curriculum vitae is available on his website, He looks back on his career in an interview with Nuria Carton de Grammont, director of SBC, during which he was accompanied by the curator of the exhibition, Zoë Tousignant. The recording of the interview is available at https://www.sbcgallery.a/évén-carlos-et-zoe.

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