Ciel variable 93 – FORENSICS

Ciel variable 94 - FORENSICS

Ciel variable 94 – FORENSICS

[Winter 2013]

This issue of Ciel variable includes a fifty-page special section on the appropriation by visual artists of questions related to forensic evidence. Organized by guest editor Vincent Lavoie, professor of art history and photography at UQAM, this issue continues in the spirit of some of our previous issues focusing on specific aspects of photographic studies at the cutting edge of contemporary photography: Still Moving/Mouvement fixe (CV67), edited by Cheryl Simon, professor of cinema at Concordia University and Dawson College; Art public (CV82), edited by the magazine’s editor; and Documents de performance (CV86), edited by Anne Bénichou, professor of art history in the Department of Visual and Media Arts at UQAM. Similar issues are in preparation, including one on Photography and the Internet, organized by guest editor Suzanne Paquet, professor of art history and photography at the Université de Montréal.


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