Françoise Sullivan — Didier Morelli

[Winter 2022]

Galerie de l’UQAM, Montreal
14.05.2021 — 16.07.2021

By Didier Morelli

Even in her nineties, the seminal Quebec interdisciplinary artist Françoise Sullivan never ceases to inspire. Françoise Sullivan: The 1970s, organized by the Galerie de l’UQAM, delves into her experimentation five decades ago, with particular attention to her time in Italy. Filmed and photographed while performing within the ancient architecture of Rome, Tuscany, and Sicily, or employing the camera herself to document her environment, Sullivan bridges her own conceptual, aesthetic, and political identity to those of the Arte Povera movement and the Situationist International. After sifting through her archives during the COVID-19 pandemic with the assistance of curator Louise Déry, Sullivan presents old, previously unseen works alongside more well-known pieces. The exhibition presents her photography, video, collage, performance, and written word, repositioning her as a leading North American conceptual and performance artist of the 1970s…

[ Complete issue, in print and digital version, available here: Ciel variable 119 – AGAINST NATURE ]
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