Since 2010, Ciel variable magazine has made available online, free of charge, all of the texts and images published in its first 82 issues – the result of more than 20 years of publication. With more than 4,000 images and 1,000 essays by some 750 artists and 350 authors, these archives offer an unparalleled overview of the evolution of photographic practices and their critical reception throughout this period. They constitute an important contribution to knowledge of contemporary art practices in Canada.

The integration of content from issue 83, in the fall of 2015, inaugurated a return to developing these archives. New issues are now being added on a regular basis, accompanied by texts written specifically for the occasion of their being put online in order to introduce or shed particular light on certain dimensions of the archival content.

The “Ciel variable Online Archives” has been made possible from a grant received, in 2009–10, from the Department of Canadian Heritage as part of the Canadian Culture Online strategy.